Solarus quests  1.6
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Quest logos and icons

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The "logos/" directory of your quest can contain a logo and some icons for your quest. The Solarus GUI uses them in the quest list to represent each quest before the user plays.

The logo and icons are optional, but it is recommended to make some for your quest to be better identified in the quest list of the Solarus GUI.

Quest logo

The logo of your quest should be a PNG image of size 200x140 called "logos/logo.png". The logo is optional.

Quest icons

An icon is also useful for the Solarus GUI to distinguish your quest. Similarly to the logo, the icon is optional. Multiple icon sizes are allowed, and each size should be in a separate PNG file. The following icon file names are allowed, with the corresponding sizes from 16x16 pixels to 1024x1024 pixels:

  • "logos/icon_16.png",
  • "logos/icon_24.png",
  • "logos/icon_32.png",
  • "logos/icon_48.png",
  • "logos/icon_64.png",
  • "logos/icon_128.png",
  • "logos/icon_256.png",
  • "logos/icon_512.png",
  • "logos/icon_1024.png".

It is possible (and recommended) to provide an icon with multiple sizes. The Solarus GUI will then automatically pick the most suitable one(s) to fit its needs.